Monday, October 26, 2015

HTML/CSS course improvements: design, prototyping, and more!

We added 6 new pieces of content in our HTML/CSS course, based on feedback from both virtual and real-live students:

We hope the new content helps our students be better equipped web developers. Now go learn HTML/CSS if you haven't yet!

Thursday, October 15, 2015

New helpful messages for our webpage editor

All of our coding courses on Khan Academy make heavy use of the interactive real-time editor, and the code that powers that editor is open sourced in the live-editor repository. We have a growing list of issues in that repository, filled with great ideas for how to improve the live editing experience for our learners, and we'll never have the time to tackle all those issues on our small team. That's why we love when developers send pull requests (with tests, of course) that address those issues!

Recently, jjwon0 has started making improvements to our webpage environment. Thanks to his pull requests, learners will now see gutter warnings for common HTML newbie mistakes, like missing doctypes, missing semi-colons in CSS, and using deprecated tags:

They'll also see warnings for issues particular to our environment, like using an insecure resource:

We know that learners will appreciate these helpful hints. Interested in contributing to live-editor? Here's how you can help.