Build a visualization on our programming platform

We have many ways that volunteers help us build Khan Academy into a vast knowledge base and educational experience:, such as subtitling videos, translating content, answering community questions, and creating exercises.
There’s one way that someone can both help us improve Khan Academy and show us that they’re a passionate and clever engineer: using our programming environment to build simulations that teach concepts from all over our knowledge map.
Check out these cool visualizations:
Absorption Lines
From our tutorial on spectroscopy in the NASA curriculum.
Unbiased Estimate of Population Variance
From our tutorial on standard deviation in the Probability curriculum.
Guess the Coin
From our tutorial on cryptography in the Applied Math curriculum.
Balancing Chemical Equations Intuition
From our tutorial on chemical reactions in the Chemistry curriculum.
Prime Density Spiral
From our tutorial on primality tests in the Applied Math curriculum.
In fact, all of those were created by community members that we then hired to work with us as official members of the Khan Academy team: Justin Helps and Peter Collingridge. We were so impressed by their desire to teach concepts in a visually enriching way, and their ability to put them together without guidance from us, that we wanted to have them on our team.
Now, if you are thinking of applying to Khan Academy, we encourage you to come up with a visualization like those, using our JavaScript/ProcessingJS programming environment.
Not sure what to create? You could wander around the Khan Academy site and pick a subject at random, or you can go through this Trello wish list we've put together.
Of course, not everyone who applies to Khan Academy needs to build a visualization. But, hey, if you're looking for a way to show your passion and help us out at the same time, we will definitely appreciate it, and so will all the students that learn from it!