Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Call for volunteers: Caption and translate our programming talk-throughs

There's been one big blocker to making our programming curriculum accessible to people of all languages and abilities: the lack of captions for the audio narration on our interactive coding talk-throughs.

Well, no more! We're happy to announce that we've now added the ability to embed interactive transcripts below the talk-throughs, which can be turned on via an options menu next to the play bar. Learners will see the transcript scroll as they watch, and they can click on parts to jump to them:

For a live example, check out the Intro to Drawing talk-through and click the option in the gear menu next to the play bar.

However, we will only show the transcript option when we have one available, and that’s where we need your help! We use the Amara service to make it easy for us to crowd-source subtitles of our Youtube videos elsewhere on Khan Academy, so we’ve created video versions of our talk-throughs and uploaded them to YouTube.

Below is a list of all the programming intro videos on Amara, which you can click through to start captioning. If one is already captioned, keep going — you’ll probably find one that isn’t yet, farther down.

Besides English captions, we are also looking for translations into other languages. When we detect that the learner is on an internationalized version of Khan Academy and we have the transcript available in that language, we will automatically show it. So if you are fluent in a non-English language and want to help international students learn to program, we’d love your help in translating the captions. Just click through the links above and select your language from the dropdown.

Thank you for helping us teach programming to a wider audience!

  1. Welcome to our Hour of Code
  2. Sneak Peek: Making an Awesome Program
  3. Intro to Drawing
  4. More Drawing
  5. Intro to Coloring
  6. Intro to Variables
  7. More Variables
  8. Variable Expressions
  9. Intro to Animation
  10. Mouse Interaction
  11. Incrementing Shortcuts
  12. Using Math Expressions
  13. Terrific Text: Part 1
  14. Terrific Text: Part 2
  15. Functions
  16. Function Parameters
  17. Function Return Values
  18. Magic Functions
  19. Local and Global Variables
  20. If Statements
  21. More Mouse Interaction
  22. Booleans
  23. Logical Operators
  24. If/Else Part 1
  25. If/Else Part 2
  26. Intro to While Loops
  27. More While Loops
  28. Intro to Arrays
  29. Modifying Arrays
  30. Looping through Arrays
  31. Intro to Objects
  32. Modifying Objects
  33. Arrays of Objects
  34. Object Types
  35. Object Methods
  36. Object Inheritance
  37. PseudoCode
  38. Clarifying with Comments
  39. Readable Code

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