Thursday, November 14, 2013

ACM Education Council 2013 Meeting

I was honored to be invited to the ACM Education Council meeting on November 2nd, to speak on a panel about teaching young programmers how to code. I spoke alongside Jeremy Keeshin from CodeHS, Krishna Vedati from Tynker, and Neil Fraser from Google's Blockly open source project. It was a great opportunity to meet people passionate about teaching programming.

Here we are, smiling it up for Dan Garcia's camera:

For a nice write-up of what we all talked about, you can read through this blog post. You can also look through all the slides presented here.

Here are my own slides, giving an overview of the current Khan Academy programming curriculum:

After the panel, I had the chance to speak to fellow teachers of programming, like Dan Grossman from Coursera's Programming Languages class, to hear about their own experiences. If you want to keep tabs on what computing educators like Dan are thinking about, check out the newsfeed and resources on I'm looking forward to hearing more from ACM Ed in the future!

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