Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Handouts: Graph Paper and Cheat Sheet

Last weekend, we used our Khan Academy programming curriculum for an in-person JS101 workshop for GirlDevelopIt San Francisco. I prepared two handouts for that workshop:

  • Graph paper: A sheet with two 400*400 grids, for students to sketch their drawings on before transferring the numbers to code. That was inspired by a Programming teacher in the Los Altos School District, who starts off her students with an exercise where they turn code into a drawing on graph paper, before they even know what code is. In our workshop, the students used the paper mostly for the Design an Animal project.

  • Cheat sheet: A one-pager with our documentation - it's literally our documentation in paper form. I encourage students to use the online documentation ultimately, but some students found it handy to have a physical paper to look at when they're starting to learn, so that they don't have to scroll their code off screen.

If you are using our curriculum for in-person workshop or teaching, you might like to make copies of those for your students. If you're using any other handy handouts, please do share with us here.

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