Monday, October 14, 2013

Ayuda a Traducir Nuestro Currículo en Español!

Back in September, Khan Academy officially launched our Spanish website, which includes Spanish subtitles and translations for the majority of the core exercises.

Since the launch, we've added a lot of content to our programming curriculum, so most of it is new and un-translated. We would really love for Spanish speakers to be able to learn programming in their own language, and we're hoping that some of you can help with the translation. We would especially love for developers to get involved with translations, since our curriculum is highly technical and not so easy to translate by a lay-person.

How can you help? Well, we use to manage our translations, and anyone can sign up and contribute translations. The moderation team will review them, and if there are no issues with them, they'll be downloaded into our codebase nightly and uploaded on the next deploy.

Here's an overview of the parts of the programming curriculum that can be translated:

  • Titles, descriptions: Like "Intro to loops" and "Learn how to use a loop to repeat code over and over." Most of these are translated now.
  • Challenge messages: In the coding challenges, each step is accompanied by a title and description. When a student doesn't write correct code, there's often a message that pops up and tries to guide them towards improving their code, like "Hm, is your y value big enough?". There are about 5-15 messages per step, and that's the bulk of what is untranslated now. For translating those, it's probably best to actually try the challenge out and see what the messages are talking about. If you're a developer, you should have no problem completing the challenge (and if you do, let me know!).
  • Syntax errors: Whenever a student writes code in our editor, we run JSHint over it and pop up a message to warn about syntax errors, like "Unclosed string!". Based on feedback from the challenges, we've been adding and improving those messages, so there are a few more of these that need translating.

You can find the first two types of messages by visiting our project page and searching for “learn.cs” in the page. There's also a lot of messages here. Crowdin shows the percentage translated, so you can tell at a glance which areas need the most help.

There are a few parts of our curriculum that cannot yet be translated:

  • Talk-throughs: These are our alternative to videos, with English audio narrating over live code editing. We need to add a dubbing or subtitle mechanism to them. (Update on Nov. 27, 2013: We now have a transcript mechanism for them.)
  • Comments: Any single or multi-line comments in official programs, talk-throughs, and challenges. We try to keep them small and nouns-only when possible, for now, since we don’t yet have a translation mechanism for them.

In the meantime, we would love your help in translating the hundreds of message strings that are on Crowdin now. We’d also love to hear where and how you are using Khan Academy with Spanish-speaking audiences. Muchas gracias!

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