Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Hour of Code Day 2: Coding is Creative

We often talk about coding as a way to solve problems, but it is also a way to create new things that never existed before. It can be a medium for creation, just like paints for artists, ingredients for chefs, or blocks of wood for carpenters.

Since we teach coding on Khan Academy using ProcessingJS, a drawing and animation library for JavaScript, we encourage students to explore the creative side of coding. We want them to solve problems but also to create new things along the way: new games, drawings of new worlds, new ways to visualize concepts from other fields. We love giving our learners a general direction and seeing the many different ways they take it and what they learn along the way.

In our Hour of Code curriculum, the big opportunity for students to show their creative chops is with the final project, since it’s an un-graded free-for-all. All we tell them is to make a greeting card, suggesting they may want to put in festive things like a snowman, a tree, or presents, but many students go beyond that, and we love that. Here are some of the cool creative projects we’ve seen so far:

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