Monday, April 14, 2014

New teacher tool: class progress viewer!

Want to get a general idea of how your class is progressing through our Intro to JS course? How many challenges have most students gone through? Are they behind or ahead of where you thought? Which students haven't started the later ones? Now, instead of looking at each individual student's progress, you can look at your class progress overall to find answers to all of those questions.

Just select the "Intro to JS" mission for the "Skills Progress" report, and you'll see bars representing the percent of your students that have started or completed bits of the course:

You can click on those bars to find out precisely which students are implied by the bars:

If you only care about their progress on types of content, like challenges or videos/talk-throughs, you can filter down what you see:

If you'd like your progress picker to always show "Intro to JS", you can now select that as your class' default mission, in the "Manage Students" tab:

We hope you enjoy the new tool and look forward to hearing how you use it!

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