Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Earn rewards for your classroom with DonorsChoose.org and Google

We've partnered with DonorsChoose.org and Google on a program to help teachers earn rewards for their classroom while encouraging their students to learn programming. We ran a similar program last year, and since teachers and students both reported loving it, we're doing it again this year.

How does it work? Once teachers sign up for the program, they tell students to start working through Intro to JS, and in mid-March, we'll tally up how many students completed the course and send that to DonorsChoose.org. The teacher will then get a gift code equivalent to $100 for each student that completed, and they'll be able to use it to fund classroom technology projects on DonorsChoose.org - and all that funding is thanks to Google. Many teachers use the projects to buy things like laptops and robotics, so they can better teach computing in the future.

The funding rewards program is currently only available to public schools and high school students at this time, though of course, the course is available and free for anyone. If you're a teacher that's not eligible for this program but does want technology for your classroom, look through this list of technology grants that we've collected.

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