Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New animation challenges

We now have challenges for our three talk-throughs on animation. Animation challenges are harder, because the student often has to restart to see their changes, and conceptually, they have to visualize the program changing in their head - but they also bring greater reward, since, hey, we animals love moving objects. :-)

  • Exploding Sun: The first animation challenge, it tests whether the student can put a draw() function int their code and then increment a variable inside of it.

  • Tasty Tomato: This comes after a talkthrough where we introduce mouseX and mouseY, two powerful global variables that report the user's mouse position. It's not quite animation, but it is changing the program over time, a powerful and related concept.
  • Parting Clouds: This challenges the students to make an animation similar to the first one, but using the incrementing shortcuts that we cover in the talkthrough just before (+=, ++, etc.)

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