Friday, January 3, 2014

A Million Hours of Code

On Dec. 8th, we kicked off our Hour of Code campaign with, with the goal of teaching more students to code. Since then, over 1 million students have come to Khan Academy to try out our Hour of Code. Those students completed more than 500,000 coding challenges, and over 80,000 took on the final project, creating a holiday greeting card:

On Twitter, we read tweets from classrooms of all ages trying out our Hour of Code, including deaf students. Of the many we bookmarked, here’s a favorite:

In our email inboxes, we received great stories from teachers using it with their students:

"Thanks soooo much for this; it’s changed my whole direction for the rest of my teaching career. That sounds dramatic, but it is true!!"
Sherri Long
"Thank you for the AMAZING hour of code lesson! I had so much fun helping and watching my students learn through this outstanding experience. I have to admit that I was nervous about trying it, since I know nothing about coding, but Khan Academy has never let me down before, so I jumped in with both feet. All of my students from grades 6-12 participated in the Hour of Code and there was no negative feedback. Let me repeat that... NO NEGATIVE FEEDBACK! Everyone loved it. One of my students can't stop talking about how great she feels now that she knows what she wants to do for a living."
Mrs. Tracy Cassidy

It was a busy time for us, responding to the deluge of questions from new, eager programmers, but it was also an amazing time because we got to see more students learning to program than ever before — both on our platform and in the world. According to estimates, 1 in 5 US students tried out one of the many Hour of Code tutorials, students from 170 countries learned to code, and more girls participated in CS in one week than in the last 70 years. Amazing!

We hope this is just the tip of the iceberg for many of those students, and that one day, one of them will look back on their career and realize that it all started for them with just that one hour!

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