Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Help translate our Algorithms course!

As we we recently announced, we are now teaching Algorithms on Khan Academy, thanks to a collaboration with two Dartmouth professors. We would love to have learners around the world benefit from their fantastic content - and that's where your help comes in, especially if you know Spanish, French, Portuguese, Polish, Danish, or Hebrew. We've had a few articles translated for Spanish (like the one shown below), but there's still much more to translate.

If you're able and willing to help translate, you can use the WYSIWIG in-context translation environment on

Alternatively, you can pick the relevant language on CrowdIn and search for "" on that page.

You might also want to check our FAQ about translation, but if you can also ask questions here specifically about translating algorithms.

Thank you for helping us bring algorithms to a global audience!

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