Saturday, December 6, 2014

Help translate JSHint messages!

In our popular JavaScript/ProcessingJS coding environment, we use JSHint to check for errors in the student's code- often missing semi-colons, misplaced curly brackets, too many semi-colons, that sort of thing.

Next week, we expect to have millions of new students learning programming, and some fraction of them will be international students learning programming before they've learned English. We have the curriculum (talk-throughs and challenges) translated to Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hebrew, and Polish, but we don't have the JSHint messages translated yet!

If you'd like to help those students, here's how you can translate our JSHint messages:

  1. Go to our Khan Academy CrowdIn site and pick the language you'll be translating to.
  2. Click any of the files listed so that you get into the file viewing mode.
  3. Select "Project -> All strings" from the top menu.
  4. Use the search on the left hand side to search for "jshint."
  5. Everything you see should be the JSHint messages. Begin translation!

Thank you so much for anything you can translate!

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