Monday, June 22, 2015

Our community's programs, up on the big screen!

Every morning I wake up and browse programs on Khan Academy, and every morning I'm impressed with the creativity and productivity of our coding community. Seeing the wide range of programs that they create is probably my favorite part of this job, and it's also what I love sharing with others.

This week, I got the chance to share hundreds of our community's programs with a thousand industry programmers at the jQuerySF conference. I held a Generative Art contest that got 445 submissions, turned 200 of them into an auto-advancing slideshow, and today through tomorrow, the jQuery conference organizers are displaying that between speakers! In most of the entries, the creator says what they love about programming, which makes the slideshow even more inspirational. To quote one of them, "its just great how i can type some mumbo jumbo and it will make amazing things." :)

An MC in front of the slideshow:
Photo of the slideshow behind a speaker

Some of the top submissions:
Screenshot of 6 of the submissions

Congratulations to our community on their hard work, and thank you to jQuerySF for sharing it with the world!

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