Tuesday, March 25, 2014

New Mastery Badge for Intro to JS!

Now that we have a complete Intro to JS curriculum with more than 30 interactive coding challenges, how can students show to their teachers and the world that they've successfully completed it? As of today, with a brand new shiny "Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation Mastery" badge!

We consider this badge a "challenge patch", like the ones we already reward to students that complete all the "Fraction" exercises or "3rd grade math" mission, so that's where you'll find it on a user's profile. For example, to see it on my profile, visit my badges page and click "Challenge Patches".

Once students earn the badge, they'll get a notification (like with all badges), and they can choose to add it to their showcase, since it's a pretty cool accomplishment they can be proud of.

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