Saturday, March 29, 2014

New way to review what you learn in Intro to JS!

For each of the concepts that we cover in Intro to JS, students learn and practice through an alternating sequence of talk-throughs and challenges, and then finish up with a creative project. We want to give students a way to review what they've learnt in the talk-throughs without having to re-watch them all, to give them another opportunity to solidify everything they've learnt, and to give them one more chance to ask questions about the concepts. So, we've added "Review" articles at the end of each tutorial, which students can read and discuss, before they tackle the project. Here are quick links to check out each one:

We've only had these articles out for a few days, but students love them so far and are asking great questions in the discussion. If you have students learning JS, you may want to point them to the articles to refresh and reenforce what they've learned.

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