Friday, March 28, 2014

New tool for programming teachers: see your students' progress!

When a student is going through our Intro to JS curriculum, they have a distinct visual goal: make the icons completely green! For example, here's my progress on the Arrays section, where I've made it most of the way through:

As a teacher of students going through the curriculum, how can you know how each of your students is progressing? You can look over their shoulder, as you're wandering through the classroom. But maybe your students are virtual, or they're working on it from home, or you want to check at night when you were wondering how all your students are doing.

To help teachers track individual student progress, we've now added "Intro to JS" as an option in the "Student Progress" report, and we show each student's progress through the curriculum when you select it:

You can see what content they've started, completed, or not started at all, and you can filter to view only the completed content. You can also click on the Videos or Activity tabs to narrow down to what they've done specifically in the last week, month, etc.

We hope this helps give you more insight to how your students are progressing, and of course, we'll continue to work on the teacher experience.

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